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Fishfarming – new perspectives for industrial aquaculture


The ever increasing demand for fish as a major source of healthy and affordable food is changing the industry. Large size fish farms need to manage the complex processes in an efficient and cost effective way, while adhering to the pertaining ecological and environmental laws. Dealing with living animals adds another layer of complexity and low noise levels, smooth feeding cycles and gentle handling of fish are essential. But the biggest challenge is space. Barges are limited in size and this dictates how many cages can be served.

Gardner Denver with its brands offers a large choice of blowers and compressors for aquaculture. Hennig was asked to develop a trade show concept for AquaNor in Scandinavia and a brochure to explain the different processes and products suited for the different applications.

“Hennig very quickly won us over by their very attractive visual approach using a colourful drawing of a fishfarm, its typical applications and the products to be used for each.”

Gardner Denver


3D visuals are uniquely suitable to show large complex systems from a bird’s eye perspective. Hennig used this miniature approach to show the complete range of applications and products in aquaculture. A photo would not serve the same purpose as in real life these farms spread over many miles.


Hennig created a six-pager which folds out to reveal the key visual in 3D. The document also explains the different choices a customer has when it comes to technologies used. As is typical for Gardner Denver, different products and brands can cater for the needs of the customer.

Trade show design

AquaNor is the world’s leading trade show for aquaculture technologies and is held every two years in Trondheim, Norway. Hennig designed the booth as well as the pertaining documents. We deliver our design proposals in 3D which really helps decision making.

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