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The human touch


Capturing the essence of individual mobility in images

Working for the German automobile club ADAC, Hennig and partners have been behind the camera to capture people on the road since 2014. Because it is part of their job. Because somebody needs urgent help. Because new cars are being tested or old ones make their final journey. Because it is fun to drive a car. Because some people have made registration plates their hobby.

“Your images are fabulous. Vielen Dank!”

Leiterin Bildredaktion (RMB), ADAC Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Stories from the real world

For once not everything is clean, perfect and untouchable. Nothing is set up beforehand, nobody poses and nothing is retouched. Life happens here and now. With the human touch that readers of the club’s magazine appreciate so very much. These stories feature real people and use real photos. Nothing is fake. These authentic moments are also used for promotional campaigns, for trade shows and for attracting new customers.

How to balance emotion and information

Producing photos that tell a story by themselves demands a sympathetic approach to people, an understanding of the message of a story and a respectful  attitude towards all involved. The German automobile club ADAC appreciates Hennig’s way of creating this special feeling: listening, talking, understanding, experimenting and looking for those special moments that make all the difference.

ADAC and their media

Located in Munich, the ADAC is Europe’s biggest automobile club. Cars and traffic, motor sports and tourism are their main fields of interest. The ADAC Motorwelt magazine reaches more than 20 million members as does their travel magazine and the Campingwelt website – all featuring stories on traffic and travels.

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