The more time readers spend going through a catalogue, the more likely they are to place an order. To make this happen, you need to create something really smart, interesting and enticing. The Hennig team took on this difficult assignement and created an entirely new form: the magalogue. A cool mix of news and sales that stands out among standard collection catalogues, makes the fashion brand more visible and transports the values so important to its identity.

The mixture makes the difference

The Magalogue

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Excitingly different.

Here comes the “magalogue” which is both catalogue and customer magazine. An excitingly different product that obsoletes the limitations of traditional forms while enticing the readers to spend more time browsing its content.

Mere product catalogues are not as interesting to today’s customers as one would hope. Ground breaking communication nowadays must include content offering additonal information, styling advice or fashion news. All set in a positive environment reflecting the readers’ emotions and expectations.

Madeleine’s innovative Business Magalog answers the demands coming from Sales and Marketing as it strengthens customer loyalty and delivers additional value. The longer you spend leafing through the magalogue, the more likely you are to spend money.

Here comes the proof: the Madeleine Business Magalog generated 150%  more orders than traditional catalogues.

Defining Personas

Analysing your target groups is the best starting point. Hennig and Madeleine looked at the brand’s social media content and feedback from users and at e-marketing comments to understand the empirics needed to create  the editorial concept.

We then had to choose the products best suited for the “Business” theme of the magalogue. The traditional thinking of “the more the better” has to give way to the strategic staging of selected products and additonal content directly related to the product group.  It is vital to speak the same language when describing the item for sale and when creating additional copy text.  By doing this you will actually define your brand’s voice which in itself is a big achievement!


Story telling and cross-channel thinking are highly relevant for this new form. As content needs space you must forget the old rule of maximising content  for every inch of available space. The big challenge for the creative team therefore lies in finding the best balance. But it will be worth it. Trust us.

You want to…

… increase the time your customers spend with your brand?

… grow your customers’ interest in your products with new content ?

… sky rocket your sales per catalogue page?

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