Story | Madeleine &
Virtual Production

Cut your costs by 30% by choosing virtual production

Story | Madeleine & Virtual Production

Cut your costs
by 30% by choosing
virtual production

We created a luxurious shopping experience for Madeleine customers – without expensive bills for on site location shootings. How did we do this? By digitally marrying real pictures of real women with real pictures of great locations. This process by name of virtual production lets us create images and content for catalogues at a price that until now was unthinkable.

The task

Our customer wanted to spend less on expensive trips to beautiful locations but keep the high standards their customers are used to and which they expect from a premium brand with a reputation for top notch staging of its fashion universe.

How to find a sustainable and cost-efficient solution for creating catalogues that inspire customers? How to make the brand’s key values of sophistication, style and uniqueness come to live? How to stay within a tight budget and be sustainable at the same time?

We came up with a solution that is convincing and does not fall short of the high expectations. On the very contrary.


Starting point was a layout featuring an exciting mix of positive, emotional photos and inspiring copy text. Fashion is our narrative’s hero and takes first place  with large, high resolution pictures on center stage; descriptive texts and prices rank second.

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A typical conceptioner’s dream used to be photo shoots on a beach in the morning, in an Art Nouveau villa in Paris at lunch and on top of the New York skyline at night. In the past these dreams hardly ever came true for lack of budget and time or because of overly complicated logistics.

VIRTUAL PRODUCTION is revolutionizing the creation of catalogues by blowing up these limitations and offering unique creative liberties.

Virtual production combines the real world with its digital counterpart. Imagine not losing time when changing a location, not running the risk of bad weather  and at any moment placing  the models and their fashion at any location of your choice. By simply using a keyboard.

The models are photographed in a typical studio and the pictures are then immediately incorporated into the layout. The team in charge discuss the result they share on the screen and changes can be carried out within seconds. This is getting close to perfection!

Let’s create powerful and strong stories.

Cost saving and sustainable

Shooting photos at different locations is heavy on logistics, time and money. And the carbon footprint for travelling is anything but sustainable.

Last Minute becomes Last Second

Speed has become a decisive factor for success. While in the past two catalogues a year generated the lion share of a seller’s revenues, t’s reality demands a rapid succession of several focused publications in the same period. Success will only come to those companies that are flexible and capable enough. If you use Hennig’s virtual production know-how you can meet these challenges.

Shooting the photos

All happens simultaneously

Same picture – different usages

During one day at the studio we used the photos shot that very day in layout proposals featuring nine different locations on the French Riviera as background and context. The Madeleine team was then given five fully completed layout examples of one model – set against a different background on every one of the proposals.

Creating new formats of each photo for digital platforms is fast and easy – use the digital production tool to enhance your visibility on social media or in online shops.

Interested in …

… reducing your production costs by 30%

… using any location worldwide for your stories

… losing less time between production and delivery

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