Story | Madeleine – Style and Message

Styling a New Partner­ship

Story | Madeleine – Style and Message

Styling a New Partner­ship

What happens when a mailorder brand and a prêt-à-porter brand decide to enter a cooperation? An awesome capsule collection sees the light of day.

Dressing up for the Occasion

Madeleine has a reputation as a forerunner for creating highly innovative and strikingly exciting photos and imagery. They recently approached Hennig for ideas to define the face of their new partnership with Talbot Runhof, a famous prêt-à-porter fashion brand. A new aesthetics was needed to reflect the impact this cooperation generated in the market.

Our designers went to work with great enthusiasm – we just love creating new visuals, defining or redefining corporate identity and creating a face for new ideas.

Exclusive. Exciting. Enthralling.

We staged the models in fabulous “tableaux vivants” to mark the end of last season’s minimalistic style and added a new page to the brand’s aesthetics. hapter.


Groundbreaking products must be staged exquisitely. For this new campaign we followed the lead idea of visualizing “contrasts”.  Based on the paintings of Caravaggio, the emphasis lies on creating dramatic contrasts between light and dark zones, also known as Chiarascuro. And this is how this played out in Madeleine’s Talbot Runhof campaign:

Take a Look at the Sharp Contrasts between

The aesthetic concept of the campaign is characterised by the strong contrast between clean shots of the interior and exterior world on one side and natural wilderness in experimental perspectives on the other.

Hennig worked out very detailled instructions for the photographers. These were flexible enough to accomodate ad-hoc creative ideas and precise enough to achieve a consistent design for this innovative partnership of two well-known brands.

You want to …

… stand out in the crowd ?
… be brave ?
… leave a lasting impression ?

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