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Swissness – imagery with the Swiss touch


Sunrise is a Swiss telecommunications provider that was founded in 1997. Its products and services range from 5G phones and glass fiber networks for large companies to Work Smart Solutions. The company offers their complete communication portfolio to consumers as well as businesses and is a direct competitor of state-owned Swisscom. Despite being a 100% Swiss enterprise, the Sunrise name somewhat clouds its real identity.

Hennig developped a colour concept that leads Sunrise customers on a more subconscious level to change this perception. As company name and CI were to stay, our designers came up with the idea to introduce subtle Swiss touches to the images used. “Swissness” was born.

“I just adore the concept of Swissness! And Hennig  made it happen at the highest quality level and with impressive speed. Quite exceptional, really.”

Jenny Strittmatter, Senior Project Manager, Sunrise


“Swissness” stands for the idea to incorporate a number of typically Swiss brands, products and colours in the imagery created for Sunrise, both in fore- and background. These additions and retouches had be carried out very subtly and professionally to avoid the notion of fakes while delivering the right feeling.


All images used for business customers were reviewed and new photos were chosen for each topic. They were then retouched and optimized in alignment with the concept of Swissness.

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