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Sunrise is a big player in Swiss telecommunications and sells its products and services to consumers and businesses. Its KMU unit (KMU is the German abbreviation for small and medium businesses)  offers special tariffs and service packages for these customers. The task given to Hennig was to increase and improve their visibility.

Rather than delivering another top-to-bottom discourse about products, solutions and services, Hennig created a series of success stories where real customers talk about their daily work, their motivation and aims and, last but not least, what they like about Sunrise.


Getting the voice of the customer necessitates serious preparatory research before a good storyline can be created. Asking the right questions when talking with selected Swiss customers of Sunrise meant going there with an excellent briefing. The interviews were then transcribed and  our professional writers transformed them into meaningful and interesting stories about and with real customers of Sunrise.


When visiting Sunrise customers our storytellers were accompanied by a professional photographer  to make sure we had the best images to bring a human touch or two to the story.

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