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Nestlé, a major Swiss group, is one of the biggest customers of Sunrise, the Swiss telecommunications provider.

To improve their customer service Sunrise decided to create a dedicated online platform where the Nestlé employees could manage their mobile phones and contracts, sign up for new programmes, edit personal data and submit requests for repairs or replacements. It was also to be used to pass on a used  mobile phone to another employee or after leaving the company.

After Hennig had masterminded the creation of the Sunrise Business Platform in 2017, we were put in charge of concept, design, frontend code and parts of the help functions. The Swiss e-commerce specialist Boxalino was responsible for creating the interface to the Sunrise ordering tool and for integrating the new platform into the Nestlé intranet.

„Hennig has a great understanding of business requirements. We established an excellent communication flow and they are really very proactive with ideas for further improvements. The layout designs are user friendly and ergonomic.”

Francesca Font, Customer Project Management West / Business Customers,
Sunrise Communications AG, Schweiz

Concept & Design

The design had to convey a look and feel similar to the Sunrise CI and its online business portal. The challenge consisted in creating complex forms for ordering that were easy to use and not overly complicated. Obviously their suitability for small mobile screens was a key priority.

This is how we did it

As a first step our contacts at Sunrise provided us with scanned scribbles on content and function. Hennig then turned these ideas into proposals, continuously had them  validated by the backend developper for feasability and alignment with the Sunrise order processing system.

Sunrise then went through a multi-step review and release process with Nestlé before Hennig could complete the HTML-/CSS-/JavaScript files. This close cooperation between different teams on all sides was key to meeting the function and design requirements without jeopardizing the launch date.

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