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Grandiose ideas are easy to create – but we at Hennig understand that they must be realistic and on budget. This is of particular importance when working on “real” projects such as trade shows, point of sale displays or product packaging where form and function must be in harmony.

Hennig know-how

  • Point of sale solutions
  • Shop design
  • Packaging
  • Promotions
  • Trade show design

Point of sale solutions

Looking for an attractive proposal at your point of sale? Hennig will help you grow your business by creating displays that attract customers. Better visibility means better sales. Our starting point is always the customer and we will come up with a display that delivers a clear message and positive emotions.

Shop design

Your product branding will be the key tune for the “songs” we write to catch the attention of passers-by in a shop. It goes without saying that our display ideas also take into account seasonal  aspects as well as the need to keep its handling simple. At the same time we will assure that your corporate identity can be seen, heard and felt. And since trends and sustainability must not be a contradiction in itself we propose modular solutions that adapt easily to changes.

Packaging design

Convincing consumers to buy a product needs to trigger his or her immediate desire to own it without elaborate texts or the like. Great product packaging can achieve this when it is eye-catching, emotional and brand focused. And it will not only result in a sale but also build customer loyalty that stems from this positive experience.


Interested in increasing sales, improving market recognition and finding new customers? There exists a panoply of creative ideas to promote your company and your product such as print advertising, radio spots, flyers, raffles and much more. These tools can only be truely efficient if the underlying marketing strategy is coherent. Hennig’s long experience makes sure all of these aspects are being considered. Trust us for successful, game changing promotional campaigns to improve your standing in the market.

Trade shows

Trade shows are costly and it is your right to demand the best presentation of your company, your products or your services to make it worth the money spent. Hennig have been designing and building outstanding solutions for many years where design, message and efficiency came together to guarantee a successful show. In cooperation with our network of partners we will cover every aspect of these events – before, during and after. A real turn-key solution if you wish.

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