Digital Marketing

It goes without saying that your online media must comply with your CI guidelines. Usability and User Experience are a top priority for our designers and web developpers. A website is more than just a showcase for your products and services, because you can use it to generate leads and boost customer loyalty.

Our know-how

  • Web design and development
  • Responsive web design
  • CMS such as WordPress or Typo3
  • Landing pages
  • Newsletters
  • Lead generation

Relevant Content

Information-rich and easy-to-read content on your company and your products will convince your customers – especially if the texts are well structured and kept up to date. Relevant texts, meaningful and clear photos as well as interesting graphics and video clips make sure your website is found by search engines and (potential) customers.

Use website analytics to analyze your visitors’ favourite content and how they got there. Using these data Hennig will assist you in optimizing your content and eventually create corresponding online ad campaigns. Using special software tools that are compliant with local data protection tools we can identify the companies which visit your website. Use your online content to generate new leads!

Social Media

Social media are a very dynamic way of spreading your messages to a large audience. When a user receives links and likes from business partners, friends or his par group, he or she will typically trust this information and pass it on to other users as well. You have an impressive range of choices when it comes to target groups on some platforms and after a campaign is finished analytical tools will measure its success.

Use existing platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and others to send your message to a big audience at a reasonable price. We will find the best channels for you as not all are suitable for all purposes. Of course we will create a campaign plan and write the best content if you wish.

Looking forward

Your online presence is like a living animal – once it is (a)live, you need to feed it with new content and technical updates. On top of these changes you also need to reflect changes in your local data protection laws and perhaps incorporate the latest technology such as creating a new virtual after-sales assistant –  a chatbot.

We keep up with the rapid speed of these innovations and our team is able to meet even complex challenges.

Success Stories

Madeleine Black Weekend

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